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Deadly danger when walking near a container truck in the rain

The car had to lean to the left lane, stopped because it was splashed by a container truck, and right after that, a tractor came from behind.

Video: Facebook/Ngoc Quyet

The video above is one of the situations showing the danger of riding next to a tractor in Vietnam. I’m not saying that I’m not taking it all in, but most container drivers don’t care about other people’s safety, only their own.

Analyzing the above situation will see the following dangerous points. Firstly, the container truck with a dashcam ran fast in rainy and windy conditions, so it almost caused a disaster because the car in front was covered by water. Second, the container truck went ahead in the middle lane but also sped up, creating splashes of water, obscuring the view of the passenger. The driver should have slowed down when he saw a car or motorbike next to him, so as not to create waves. In this case, it’s a car, but if there’s a motorcyclist with a weak handlebar next to it, I think the consequences would be more severe.

For car riders, there is no other way, always actively avoid these highway monsters as possible. If you see a car next to you, you can slow down or go up. If you look behind the rearview mirror and see a tractor-trailer, you should avoid changing to another lane, because “avoiding elephants is not bad”.

I wish you a safe driver.

Readers Minh Dang


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