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Dealers receive deposit Kia Carnival Royal for nearly 2.4 billion

Northern dealers started accepting deposits of 100-300 million for the most advanced version of Carnival, after more than 6 months of launch.

Vehicles will not be available, but only produced according to customer orders, so the deposit is up to hundreds of millions, not 10-20 million as usual. Carnival Royal has two options of 4 and 7 seats with the selling price of 2,379 and 2,399 billion dong, respectively.

MPV model “Royal” version will have 6 exterior color options, including 3 dual colors white-red, white-gray, gray-red and 3 interior options, of which deep brown is the new tone.

Kia Carnival Limousine version in Korea is the Royal version in Vietnam. Image: That

Expected delivery time is 3-6 months, even longer because the company lacks components. Recently, many Kia dealers have had to pay deposits to customers because there are no cars to deliver as expected.

Carnival Royal ceiling is raised 205 mm higher than the remaining versions. The overall dimensions length x width x height are 5,155 x 1,995 x 1,980 mm, respectively. Tire size and wheel style are the same as the Signature version. The car has only the option of a 2.2 diesel engine, for a capacity of 199 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque. 8-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

On the Royal version, there will be full equipment for the driver as on the Signature version, the difference is that the high-end utilities are located at the back. Specifically, the ceiling is covered with Alcantrara material with a star sky, the floor is covered with wood. The seats are upholstered in Nappa leather, more elaborately shaped and have footrests. The seats have additional massage features, electric curtains around the rear compartment.

The 4-seat version will have a partition between the cockpit and passengers, a TV and an armrest with integrated functions to control lights, air conditioning, sound, TV, sliding doors, windows, and conversation with the cockpit. Right next to it is a wireless charger, a mini-fridge, a separate desk for each chair.

The new generation Kia Carnival was introduced by Thaco last October, selling 7 versions to the market. Earlier this year, there were a few Royal Carnival cars on the road, but according to diplomatic orders, not commercial cars.

In the past, many customers have customized the interior of Carnival in the direction of personalization, but Royal makes a difference because this is a genuine version and has an elevated ceiling, something that the car tuning units do not really do. can now.



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