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Death of comedian Jean-Yves Lafesse at 64

Jean-Yves Lambert, better known as Jean-Yves Lafesse, died at the age of 64. The comedian, author of numerous hidden cameras and telephone hoaxes, was affected by Charcot’s disease, diagnosed a year ago. According to his family, “His condition had suddenly deteriorated in the last 24 hours”.

Born in Pontivy, in Morbihan, in 1957, the artist made his debut on the radio in the 1980s, at the time of the emergence of free radio. Spotted by public and private televisions, his career was launched a few years later.

Along with television and his shows, he lends his acting talents to several directors, such as Pascal Chaumeil, in Arnacœur (2010), or to Mélanie Auffret in Roxane, released in 2019.

“Professional decoder”

The containment appeared to have further boosted its popularity. Asked in May 2020 by France 3 Bretagne, he declared: “I have played my role (since the start of confinement). That of professional spoiler. I regularly posted small humorous videos on my Facebook page. I went from 180,000 to 300,000 subscribers during the lockdown. The proof that laughter remains essential in all circumstances ”.

Jean-Yves Lafesse had returned to live in Brittany, in Vannes, two years ago. “I spent 43 years in Paris but I missed Brittany. My relationship with the region is natural and very strong ”, he had said.


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