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Death of Virgil Abloh, the man who knew how to connect “the future to Louis Vuitton’s past”

On June 20, 2018, Arnaud Sagnard met in Paris the brand new artistic director of Louis Vuitton before his first show. Trained architect, DJ, right arm of Kanye West, creator of Off-White … the 38-year-old American had succeeded Kim Jones, who left for Dior on March 26, 2018. And it’s an understatement to say that this parade was expected! We republish here in its entirety the exclusive interview given to the Obs by the brilliant creator; died this Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 41 years old.

At the foot of the Parisian headquarters of Louis Vuitton, the Seine flows, impassive; on the sides, the work of the ex-Samaritaine, owned by the group and huge building site, is progressing imperceptibly.

Visitors, seated on the plush leather sofas in the lobby, silently read the latest edition of the “New York Times”. Everything is luxury and calm, without any voluptuousness. Yet something in this atmosphere that was believed to be unchanging has changed. We perceive a certain nervousness coming from the 2nd floor, occupied by the new “Male artistic director”, according to the official terminology.

Louis Vuitton flagship stylist Virgil Abloh dead at 41

In recent weeks, a little music has accompanied the surprise arrival of Virgil Abloh, a little American genius who has won over the nose and beard of fashion bosses one of the most coveted positions.

So on the 2nd floor, when the elevator doors open, another whisper greets the visitor: a piece by John Coltrane, period “Ste

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