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Declared “negative” via a rapid test, Trump leaves for a meeting … without a mask

Donald Trump appears to be in good shape, but there are still doubts about his recovery. The White House doctor announced Monday, October 12 that the US president had tested negative for Covid-19 “Several days in a row”… An assertion that raises questions, because Dr. Sean Conley said he used a rapid test called “Abbott”, and not the standard PCR test used daily by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“In response to your request on the President’s most recent Covid-19 tests, I can inform you that he has tested negative several days in a row using (the) Abbott BinaxNOW”Sean Conley said in a letter made public by the White House. These so-called antigenic tests are recognized as less sensitive than traditional molecular tests (PCR). The president’s doctor does not specify the days when the tests were carried out. The press release also states “That the president is not contagious”.

“I can kiss everyone”

This brief statement was released when Donald Trump was on board his “Air Force One” plane to fly to Florida. He participated in a campaign rally in this key state, 22 days before the election that will pit him against Joe Biden. Finding the stands, he assured to be in ” good shape “:

” I got it. Now they say I’m immune. I feel so powerful! “, he launched, combative and provocative.

“I can walk in this crowd […] kiss everyone, kiss beautiful men and women ”, he added with laughter.

The 74-year-old president was addressing a crowd in which few were wearing masks.


At the time of his departure from Andrews military base near Washington, the US president was not wearing a mask, unlike all the Secret Service agents responsible for his security around him.

If Donald Trump is now highlighting his “Immunity” Faced with Covid-19, this question remains surrounded by many unknowns: we do not know with precision either its duration or the degree of protection offered by antibodies.

Trump on Fox News: “I’m immune” to Covid-19

According to a study published Tuesday in the medical journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases”, an American contracted Covid-19 twice a month and a half apart and the second infection was more severe than the first.

“No plan to control this virus”

For his part, Joe Biden has not participated in any large gathering for several months, stressing the need to respect the instructions of the health authorities. More than 214,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the United States.

“The more Donald Trump is president, the more irresponsible he seems”said Joe Biden, who accuses his rival of playing down the threat of the virus. “His irresponsible personal conduct since his diagnosis has been scandalous”. In Florida, Donald Trump brings nothing but a “Divisive rhetoric” and of “Fear”, said the Democrat.

“But what he failed to provide is just as dangerous: no plan to control this virus which has taken the lives of more than 15,000 Floridians”, said Joe Biden.In North Carolina, the presidential election looks like “Young and the Restless”

The candidate of the Democratic Party, former vice-president of Barack Obama, is nearly ten points ahead in the average of national polls and has consolidated his advantage in the voting intentions at the level of the decisive states for the election.

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