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#DeleteFacebook suddenly started trending on Twitter, know what is the reason

Social media giant Facebook is facing criticism these days. Actually, Facebook banned the viewing and sharing of news in Australia. Since then, there has been opposition from Facebook. Amidst this protest, #DeleteFacebook started trending on micro-blogging site Twitter. On Twitter, people are expressing their anger against Facebook.

So trending #DeleteFacebook
On Twitter, users are expressing their opinion against this move of Facebook. Along with this, they are expressing their displeasure by commenting and this is why Twitter suddenly started trending #DeleteFacebook. Thousands of users are commenting on this and giving their opinion.

This is the case
Actually, Facebook has banned the viewing and sharing of news in Australia. Facebook is in dispute with the government over Australia’s media law. The matter has increased so much that Facebook has also blocked its own page in Australia. Facebook’s move has also affected emergency services in Australia.

Facebook said it was banned
Facebook, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, banned the news news of Australian news websites from this morning. Not only this, Facebook has also banned Australian users from opening news of any news website, domestic and foreign. On behalf of Facebook, it has been said that this ban is being banned in opposition to the law in the Senate. Under this law, Facebook and Google will discuss to pay news companies.

Warning was given by Google to shut down the search engine
Let us know that Australian ministers also discussed with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Alphabet Inc and its CEO Google Sundar Pichai last week. Earlier, Google had also threatened to shut down its search engine in Australia when controversial laws were introduced.

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