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“Delon is back!” : Cyril Viguier tells the behind the scenes of his interview with the star

Cyril Viguier, journalist at TV5Monde. (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

Since his stroke in 2019, Alain Delon has no longer appeared in public. At 85, he chose his friend Cyril Viguier to address his fans. The journalist went to the actor’s home, at his property in Douchy (Loiret).

We’ve been friends for 40 years. I wanted to show that Delon was better, that he was well, and show it to the world. Delon is back!

Cyril Viguier

on franceinfo

Thanks to TV5Monde, this one-and-a-half-hour interview will be well broadcast all over the world. It will reach 325 million homes and will be subtitled in 13 languages: “Alain Delon has admirers all over the world, especially in Asia. Doing it on TV5Monde made sense. Besides, it’s called ‘Delon facing the world'”. For this exclusive interview, the star has set no limit to his interlocutor, he answers all questions on French and international news: “Trump, I’ve never seen such a jerk!” says Alain Delon.

He is also questioned on social issues (place of women, incest, radical Islamism), his love life, his death and his projects. “He wants to make a last film, more directed by a woman. He adores Lisa Azuelos. He says: ‘I loved being Alain Delon in the cinema'”. Asked about the succession, Delon sees no one succeeding him: “No actor finds favor in his eyes”, tells Cyril Viguier, who shows him the photos of Jean Dujardin and Omar Sy. Delon allows himself anything, does not care what one thinks of it: “I think it is the privilege of age. It has softened, however. It is not the cartoonish Delon that we have known”, concludes Cyril Viguier.

The Alain Delon – Cyril Viguier tete-a-tete will be broadcast on Thursday July 1 on TV5Monde.

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