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@demnagram, the account that makes Balenciaga clothes talk

It could be a simple Instagram account created by a fan of Demna Gvasalia, founder in 2014 with her brother of the brand Vetements and recruited a year later as artistic director of Balenciaga. But it’s much more than that.

Each post includes a verbatim from Demna, a man who thinks very clearly about his work. Post after post, the thought of this creator is obvious. We see ourselves confirming that nothing is done at random, that a comment both on the history of Balenciaga AND on our time runs in each garment. Never stating the obvious, never sticking it out, never the expected (too expected) content of a press kit, never verbiage: Demna thinks at full speed. Does that remind you of anything?

The sequel after the advertisement

Instagram @demnagram and Stéphane Manel

The odyssey of Demna, artistic director of Balenciaga

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We had another fashionable talker: Karl Lagerfeld. But here we do not have a stage animal. There, we have a being who protects himself (he lives in Switzerland) while accepting the exchange. A being who gives meaning to everything he does, not by marketing but simply because if there is no meaning, he is not interested in it. Dressing rich people, which he also does, cannot be enough for him: his real influence is in the streets. And this is what is told by itself from post to post.

In a world of images, where we would quickly tend to think that we only believe what we see, this account bets on words. Not the words of an author paid to write a press kit, not the intellectual joke of a com service, no. Rather the idea that whoever creates clothes has something for us to elucidate. And that, if the clothes speak (and oh so much!), What the puppeteer has to say is even more interesting.

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