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Demonstrating unrivaled power, iOS 14 is strongly supported

Thursday, December 17, 2020 14:10 (GMT + 7)

Apple reports that iOS 14 is running on 72% of all devices and 81% of devices introduced in the past 4 years show a higher adoption rate than iOS 13.

Apple periodically updates developers on the basis of installing the mobile operating system on the iPhone and iPad. The data shows faster iOS 14 adoption around the same time as iOS 13 in 2019.

Along with 72% of devices running iOS 14, the report also shows that 18% of devices are running iOS 13. This means that only 10% of users are still using the system before iOS 13, making it easy to Developers neglect to support.

Similar reports show that iPadOS 14 doesn’t have the same adoption rate, as only 61% of all devices running iPadOS 14 and 21% run iPadOS 13. Thus, 18% of iPads are still running iPadOS 12 and up. down.

It is known that iOS 13 did not reach 70% of the total users until nearly February 2020, a month slower than the adoption of iOS 14. The difference in adoption may be related to the is only available on iOS 14 as widgets on the Home screen and App Gallery. iPadOS 14 does not have access to new widgets, but rather through a panel on the top of the Home screen.

Demonstrating unrivaled power, iOS 14 strongly backed - 3

Apple also sells more iPhones than iPads, so the metrics will lean toward newer OS updates as new devices are shipped with new software.

Icons and customizing widgets on the Home screen became a strong attraction after iOS 14 was released, prompting users to upgrade more than usual. Since then, new emojis have been introduced in iOS 14.2, which drives more users toward the new operating system.


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