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Denouncing cars parked against the regulations, people received money

AmericaA bill in New York aims to “clear” parked cars by dividing the fines collected by the person discovering the fault.

The goal of the draft is for drivers to often park their cars blocking bus paths and park in the bicycle and pedestrian lanes, putting other road users at risk. The interesting point of the draft is that it does not exclude priority vehicles, including police cars.

The draft could also increase the fine for illegal parking from $ 115 to $ 175. In addition, the person reporting violation can receive 25% of 175 USD, or about 44 USD. The rest may go to the city’s budget.

Many New York drivers still stop and park their cars in the bus lanes. Image: Gustavo Solis

After asking the New York Police Department to increase traffic law enforcement in the past two years, Stephen Levin, a city council member, decided to propose the bill. “The parking laws were not strictly enforced,” Levin said.

In fact, obeying the law can make many drivers uncomfortable, from parking receivers, time limits and other regulations. Parking a car can turn into a challenge and many people break it. If this person violates, it can affect one or more others, even leading to safety risks.

The draft will need to be approved, then it can become law and the process will take time. The idea of ​​dividing a parking fine to this accuser is unclear.

In New York, a similar law has been in place since February 2018 but only for trucks and buses. Accordingly, a person reporting a driver who has left the engine on when stopping a truck or bus (at a corner or a school area) for more than 3 minutes will receive 25% of the fine amount from USD 350 and evening. maximum is 2,000 USD for repeated violations. However, the whistleblower needs evidence, either by photograph or by video, of the violation.

America – England (according to the NY1, New York Post)


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