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‘Depreciation – the loss when using a car that few people pay attention to’

If buying a car, the depreciation of about 1% per year, if buying a grass car, about 0.5%.

Read the article “Do not buy a car because it will be a big loss”, I would like to share my thoughts. From my personal point of view, buying anything, from a rice scale, a shirt to a car, has to be in line with each person’s actual situation and needs.

You say, the car is for the health of the family, why must calculate the profit or loss. I only partly agree with you. But the rest please analyze more. Buying a car is just like buying everyday clothes. People with little money just need to wear a shirt, a popular sweater is warm enough, it is also healthy and must have to use, however, people with more money will consider buying a vest, buying brand-name wool to wear. Those who are forced to wear suits like their PR brothers and sisters, do banks …, the amount they buy must also be included in their work costs, or they are provided by the company … I don’t consider it.

Related to the vehicle is a means of transport everyone must have to move. Depending on the level of income, the capacity to accumulate already available and the needs that we consider to buy a car, whether to buy a cheap or expensive car. Particularly, after about 5-7 years of selling, it can still be sold at the price, easy to repair, if the car is good or not, almost everyone will set it up before buying a car. Fortunately, there are a few warm boys, she recruits the rich family’s children, so they only know how to ask for money. If you do not want to think about this, there are car rental services and the driver as well.

From my experience, when owning a car, the annual car depreciation is the largest, it is equivalent to 0.5-1% per month depending on the type of car good or bad. For example, when buying a luxury car, the depreciation is 1% monthly. If your car costs 10 billion, the depreciation will be 100 million per month. When you buy a cheap car like Vios about 600 million, the monthly depreciation is quite cheap, about 3 to 4 million. I do not charge a car fee here. This cost depends on how much or how little.

So if you buy a good car like Vios, i10, it is not much, but if you want to “take away” to buy an expensive car, it is really a burden for you if you miscalculate, like many post analyzed. Currently, the income of many people in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is quite high. Specifically, if there is a surplus of about 7 million per month after subtracting the cost of raising the family, saving, we can completely own a car of about 600-700 million.

If the need for business is not discussed, the cost of raising a car, buying a car, depreciation is already in the cost and loss of the job, you should not be confused with the need to buy a personal car when analyzing. Even if companies do not have money, they are forced to buy a luxury car because of the work they need, that is another category.

According to such a calculation, you can compare to see which car is suitable for your family to choose to buy without being burdened with financial burden in the future, of course, buying a car also has to consider additional travel characteristics. Family travels often, for example if the house is near the office, or does it go home … but the cost of owning a car is the deciding factor in what car to buy.

Wish you choose the car that suits you and your family.

Readers Le Minh


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