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Deputies threatened with death after the extension of the health pass, Richard Ferrand files a complaint

The President of the National Assembly announced Thursday to file a complaint following death threats received by deputies supporting the vaccine measures and the health pass announced Monday by President Emmanuel Macron.

Intimidation attempts

“The President of the National Assembly notes that several deputies have been the subject of death threats because of their support for the vaccine strategy presented” Monday by Emmanuel Macron to fight against a resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic, indicates a press release from the Assembly.

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“It cannot be tolerated that a representative of the nation may be subjected to intimidation attempts aimed at obstructing the exercise” of his elected mandate, continues the press release.

Therefore, Richard Ferrand “Decided to seize the public prosecutor of Paris” so that “The authors of these anti-democratic acts answer to justice”.

The press release does not give the name of threatened deputies, their number, or more details on these threats and their origin.

Member responds on Twitter

However, the LREM deputy of Hérault Patricia Mirallès said on Wednesday on Twitter that she had been targeted in a message of this kind.

“Tell the other deputies to vote well because from now on you will take real bullets (I am armed), be careful where you go. You will never inject us with the vaccine ”, according to this message reproduced by the parliamentarian on her Twitter account.

Patricia Mirallès describes this threat as “Very disturbing” but adds that she does“Don’t intimidate” and expresses its willingness to file a complaint.

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