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Derek Chauvin convicted of “murder” of George Floyd

Jurors at the trial of US policeman Derek Chauvin, accused of killing George Floyd last year, reached a verdict on Tuesday April 20 after a grueling trial. The deliberations lasted less than 24 hours, after hearing the final arguments of the prosecution and the defense. Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all three charges brought against him: murder, manslaughter and willful violence resulting in death. Derek Chauvin, 45, was directly handcuffed and jailed after the verdict.

At the announcement of the verdict, an explosion of joy rang out in court in Minneapolis.

Lawyer for George Floyd’s family called the verdict a “Turning point in history”.

“Guilty! Justice obtained in pain was finally granted to the family of George Floyd. This verdict is a turning point in history ”, responded lawyer Ben Crump.

The death of George Floyd, suffocated by the pressure of the knee of Derek Chauvin for more than nine minutes, had shocked the American public opinion and beyond the borders of the United States, triggering gigantic demonstrations against racism and police brutality .

“Our country has never learned the lessons”: return to Charlottesville, symbol of America’s fractures

This trial under very high tension had therefore become emblematic, leading up to President Joe Biden to give his opinion, a few hours before the verdict, by considering that the evidence against Derek Chauvin was “Overwhelming”. Joe Biden has also called the family of George Floyd after the verdict to express his “relief”

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