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Deschamps after France-Bosnia: “The Euro is behind us, we must move forward”

The coach of the Blues, inevitably disappointed after the poor performance of his people in front of Bosnia (1-1) explained to the media on Wednesday evening.

Special envoy to Strasbourg

His analysis of the meeting
“The qualifying phases are complicated. We must be satisfied with this draw given the scenario, it was complicated being at 10. We have one more point, there is still a lot to take, from Saturday in Ukraine. I have no regrets about the fact that the intentions were there, even if we did not succeed in everything. The Bosnians defended low, we have trouble in this configuration… The regret I have is on the goal that we take after an avoidable side pass… In 2e half time we have less the ball, we could not get them so high, necessarily having fewer chances than in the first half. “

The Blues under pressure after the Euro?
“Honestly no. Everyone can interpret it in their own way. There is an expectation and an obligation of result from what has been done. The preparation is short, these are not excuses, it is factual, but I do not have to blame the intentions of the players. “

His analysis of the attacking trio
“There were good things, sequences, individual actions too, it is perfectible. The adversaries reduce the spaces, the intervals. The room for improvement is important with the individual quality of these three players. “

Concern about defense
“It’s not just the defense, it’s unhappy after Thomas (Lemar )’s side pass. When we take goals, it’s not just defense. We were pretty solid overall. ”

The Euro really digested by the France team?
“These are results that may lead to another reading. The Euro is behind us, we must move forward, the players have started a new season, too. We set out on a new goal, with our strength and energy, the result is not there, but no one is looking behind, the most important is today. Objective recovery with what awaits us Saturday in Ukraine. “


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