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Destroying Saigon Phantom, Team Flash crowned mobile phone with 900 million bonus

Monday 10/05/2021 17:00 PM (GMT + 7)

After an exciting season of League of Legends Mobile, Team Flash has officially won No. 1 with the final victory over Saigon Phantom.

Confident when using Elsu – Gildur duo, Team Flash shows the proactive style of invading the forest from the first stage. Moving together from the very beginning, ADC almost got the life of Raz in the hands of Cá when the game had not passed the first minute. Although Bang is still devoted to a lot of resources with General Nakroth, “God of the Forest” does not show much because ADC with Aoi played completely overwhelming, bringing the victory for Team Flash.

Destroying Saigon Phantom in 4 games without removing, Team Flash was crowned Arena of Fame in Spring 2021.

Continuing the excitement, Team Flash continued to bring a “weird” squad when Fennik went to Ta Than in Bear’s hand, and ADC used Veres to go to the jungle. BronzeV was fully exploited in this game, when his Florentino was completely countered by the Bear. Despite being able to use Lu Bu, Bang was unable to suppress Team Flash’s roster in the early stages. Finally, taking advantage of the loopholes of Saigon Phantom, Team Flash continues to bring in the next score.

The key game – game 3 takes place, if Team Flash wins this game, Saigon Phantom will be extremely difficult to turn the game around. Therefore, Bang and his teammates brought out all the cards they had a 100% win rate. Rouie – Ryoma in the hands of Zeref and BronzeV. On the other side, Team Flash chose the “open” generals, when it was impossible to know which way Superman, Qi or Wonder Woman would go. Although there were times when it seemed that Saigon Phantom could rise, ProE and his teammates were extremely experienced, “snowballing” when they had the advantage and continued to bring back the next victory.

Being cornered, Saigon Phantom was forced to change the roster in game 4. Yiwei made his debut at the Arena of Fame but due to the pressure of a final, the 18-year-old did not. leaving many things. Bears using Amily show experience of being constantly “at the right time” in hot spots while Yiwei’s Qui is not. Team Flash took turn to take away important buffs such as the Tyrant Dragon and the Evil God Caesar, quickly destroying Saigon Phantom after only 30 minutes of playing.

Finally, Team Flash officially became the new king of the Arena of Fame Spring 2021 and won 900 million in prize money. Thereby setting the record of the highest ever watch live at the same time (673,153).

With the highest average MVP score in the finals, the ADC player from Team Flash team was honored with a 100 million cash prize with the Apple combo (iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple Watch and AirPod Pro).

After the end of the 2021 Spring Hall of Fame, the Vietnam Mobile League of Legends community will be preparing to watch the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) tournament that is about to kick off this summer.

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