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Detected a contrasting version of the Earth, 1 year is only 8 hours long

Saturday, December 4, 2021 16:20 PM (GMT+7)

GJ 367b is one of the smallest planets discovered and has incredible properties, like an iron bullet and completes an orbit around its parent star in just 8 hours.

According to Science Alert, GJ 367b is only slightly larger than Mars but is confusingly heavy, like it’s made of solid iron. The strange planet orbits a red dwarf star only 31 light-years away, much “cooler” than the Sun.

The red planet is extremely heavy and rushes like a bullet around its parent star – Photo: Patricia Klein

Astronomer Kristine Lam from the Planetary Research Institute of the German Aerospace Center said that although GJ 367b has the size and parent star exactly what we would expect of a “second Earth” candidate. “, but the absurdly close distance between it and its parent star completely disrupted the possibility of life.

The planet flies so close to its mother that 1 year on it, the time it takes for it to complete 1 revolution around its parent star, is only equal to… 8 Earth hours. Astronomers have confirmed its existence by capturing very small changes in the parent star’s light reaching Earth.

This is an extremely hot planet with a surface temperature of up to 1,300 – 1,500 degrees Celsius, like a hellish version of Earth.

Still, the discovery of GJ 367b still brings scientists closer to finding a second Earth, because small, hard-to-find planets are often the most suitable candidates for life. Using GJ 367b search methods, they can find similar small planets, and among them will have to be planets located at a sufficient distance from the parent star, with temperatures suitable for life. .

The study has just been published in the journal Science.


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