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Dia Mirza did not advise doctor to take corona vaccine, know the reason

In India, people aged 18 and over are getting vaccinated. Till now millions of people have been vaccinated. Vaccination trials are being done for children too. However, people are still confused about who should take the vaccine and who does not. Meanwhile, Dia Mirza said that she has been advised by the doctor not to take the vaccine at the moment.

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza is enjoying her pregnancy period these days. Diya, who is very active on social media, shares all the information with her fans. Sometimes she interacts with the fans through some pictures.

Let us know that in the last few days, most celebrities and cricketers have got vaccinated. Also, motivating and sensitizing other people to get vaccinated. However, Dia Mirza has shared information from her Twitter handle about what pregnant and lactating women should do during this time.

In her post, Diya has highlighted the effect of corona and her vaccine on pregnant women. Retweeting a Twitter user’s tweet, he wrote that it is very important. Do read this and keep in mind that in the vaccine used in India, no one has been tried or tested on pregnant or lactating mothers. In such a situation, his doctor has advised him not to get vaccinated until the clinical trials.

Research has made a big claim: According to an article published in the journal Abstetrics and Gynecology, this vaccine will not cause any harm to the placenta of the unborn baby. The study included 84 pregnant women from Chicago who took the vaccine and 116 pregnant women who did not take the vaccine. Please tell that most of the women were vaccinated by Pfizer or Moderna.

Here’s what the expert says: Experts believe that preparations before the third wave will be incomplete until pregnant and lactating women become vaccinated.

Things to keep in mind that infected pregnant women should keep in mind: Women and obstetricians believe that corona-positive pregnant women keep checking their oxygen saturation levels every few hours. Take stress, eat healthy food so that weakness and fatigue are felt less.

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