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Diabetes during pregnancy can make an unborn child a heart patient, know

Tips for Pregnant Women:The time of pregnancy is very special for every woman. During this time she goes through many physical, mental and emotional changes. During this time, women have to take care of themselves as well as the baby growing in the womb. Many times during pregnancy and after birth due to some complications, newborns are vulnerable to many fatal diseases. In such a case, a diabetic woman or women who suffer from this disease during pregnancy, has found that a baby growing in their womb is at a higher risk of heart related diseases. Let’s know –

What came out in research: According to this study, the risk of heart disease in youth and adolescents may be higher if the mother has suffered from diabetes during pregnancy. A study on youth and adolescents in Manitoba, Canada, concluded that women with symptoms of maternal diabetes had 50 to 200 percent higher heart problems before 35 years.

Gestational diabetes and diseases: Pregnancy is more challenging and complicated for women with diabetes. Diabetes affects not only the health of pregnant women but also the development of their unborn child. Children can suffer from many diseases due to diabetes. Your baby may also be at risk of type 2 diabetes in the future. In addition, there may be a lack of oxygen in the newborn, which also increases the risk of mental illnesses.

Take care of these things in pregnancy: A pregnant woman should eat a balanced diet so that both the child and the mother remain healthy. Avoid eating sugar or starchy food. If possible, get a dietician to have a food chart and eat accordingly. During this time it is very important to keep blood sugar under control, so get regular checkups and keep in touch with the doctor. A pregnant woman suffering from diabetes must exercise, this keeps the body healthy. Yoga and meditation and walking for a while will also be beneficial for pregnant women.

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