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Differences when using electric cars VF e34 and gasoline cars

Electric motors, virtual assistants, smart car management are the differences that electric cars make compared to traditional petrol cars.

Differences in the nature of electric cars and gasoline cars will create changes in users’ car usage habits. In which, the biggest change is the way to charge electricity instead of gas, then there are problems with maintenance, vehicle management and also calculating the cost of car maintenance.

About Charging, VinFast VF e34 has 6 ways to recharge at home or in parking lots, apartments, and commercial centers. The biggest difference compared to refueling is the long charging time, from 18 minutes fast to many hours slow. However, electric car users around the world use their parking time to recharge, so it hardly affects their daily work. Even when running continuously, the figure of 285 km per charge is enough for drivers who are at the wheel all day. Therefore, if drivers go to remote areas, it is necessary to clearly define the route to have a reasonable plan to scrape electricity.

About mantainDrivers do not need to check engine oil, do not need to care about coolant, fuel filter system because electric cars do not need these things. However, if there is a problem, electric vehicles should only be repaired at genuine workshops, because the workers in the outside workshops are not familiar with and knowledgeable about electric vehicles. Therefore, if users are in remote areas where there are no genuine dealers, it may be a little difficult.

Model e34 in the launch event on October 15. Photo: VinFast

About vehicle management, VF e34 as well as electric cars in the world are considered as a kind of smart transportation, connecting technology like phones, not just cars as the traditional way of understanding. Car owners can use their phones to manage battery consumption, find charging stations, warn of theft, check vehicle faults, remind and schedule maintenance… Besides, there is also a virtual assistant named Vivi like when using an iPhone with Siri. With this virtual assistant, e34 can support car control tasks such as adjusting, air conditioning, opening maps, making phone calls, playing music…

However, to use the virtual assistant effectively, the car needs a stable, constantly updated software, and when used, there will be a delay compared to traditional mechanical or touch control.

Usage cost is a difference that many customers are interested in but still quite vague. If the petrol car only needs to pay for gas, the VF e34 electric car also costs an additional fee to rent a battery. There are two cases:

If the car owner less than 1,400 km/month, battery rental fee is 1,450,000 VND. VinFast calculates the average energy consumption of 15.52 kWh/100 km based on the current electricity price of 3,117 VND/kWh. Assuming the driver travels 1,000 km, the charge for the electric charge is 15.52 x 10 x 3,117 = 483,758 VND.

Thus, the total amount to spend on batteries and chargers is 1,450,000 + 483,758 = 1,933,758 VND. That is, if using the VF e34 to travel about 1,000 km per month, the driver will lose about 2 million electric battery bills. If compared to one. C-size crossover cars, for example CR-V have a consumption of 9 liters / 100 km, the price of gasoline is about 22,000 VND / liter, the gasoline amount is about 22,000 x 90 = 1,980,000 VND.

Thus, it can be considered that the energy costs of the two options are similar.

In the second case, the car owner go over 1,400 km/month, external battery rental fee of 1,450,000 VND will add 998 VND for each km incurred. Suppose a driver travels 50 km a day, 1,500 km a month, which means an additional 100 km is incurred. Battery rental fee is: 1,450,000 + 100 x 998 = 1,549,800 VND.

Charging fee is still according to the formula: 15.52 x 15 x 3,117 = 725,638 VND.

The total cost of batteries and electricity is: 1,549,800 + 725,638 = 2,275,438 VND.

With CR-V, the cost of gasoline for 1,500 km is 9 x 15 x 22,000 = VND 2,970,000.

In this case, using an electric car will save a lot of money compared to a petrol car.

So with cars in the same segment, the longer you use the VF e34, the more economical it will be, but this reference range may vary by km used, fuel price, charging price, and comparison model.

If calculating the total cost of use, it will be necessary to have an additional reference range with maintenance costs after 1,000 km, 5,000 km and 10,000 km… to get the most accurate figure.

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