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Director Woody Allen has “lost his enthusiasm” for the cinema and evokes a possible end to his career

Woody Allen gave a rare interview to actor Alec Baldwin on Instagram on June 28. The director evokes a weariness for the cinema and casts doubt on the rest of his career.

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Is the 86-year-old American filmmaker thinking of retirement? This is what the director suggested during an interview with actor Alec Baldwin filmed live on the latter’s Instagram account on June 28. Throughout this interview originally scheduled to discuss Woody Allen’s latest comic book, Zero Gravitythe director has entrusted himself with a possible end to his career.

The creator of Blue Jasmine, currently shooting in Paris for his next film confessed have “lost his enthusiasm for the cinema“.I’ll do another movie, then I’ll see how I feel.” he added. A weariness partly linked to the upheavals suffered by the cinema industry with the arrival of streaming, Woody Allen affirmsnot having so much fun making a movie and putting it on the big screen“than before.

As a reminder, the director is still in disgrace in the United States following accusations of sexual assault of his adopted daughter. In the wake of his revelations, his latest feature film A rainy day in New York had been deprived of projection throughout the territoryamerican and many actors had announced that they regretted having worked with the filmmaker. A point that was not mentioned throughout the interview.

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