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Distributed to teachers, this DIM brand mask is treated with a toxic biocide

A poisoned gift? At the start of the school year, due to the health crisis, National Education provided five fabric masks of the DIM brand to each teacher. Except that, as reported by the Reporterre news site, these masks are treated with silver zeolite, a biocide considered toxic to human health and the environment.

Am I a masked sheep?

By way of illustration, these viral images dating from September 8, where Emmanuel Macron chokes for a long time in front of students in Clermont-Ferrand while he is wearing a white fabric mask. Surprise: this is the mask distributed to all teachers, from the DIM brand.

“The risk is not non-existent”

Beyond the fact that teachers have only five masks for the year, even though each mask must be changed every 4 hours – according to the manufacturer’s instructions – the ARS had declared that these fabric masks did not constitute not ” sufficient protection for children .

DIM brand masks distributed to teachers are treated with a toxic biocide

More serious, the presence of silver zeolite in the masks, moreover indicated as a treatment agent on the packaging. Zeolite is a natural or artificial substance, synthesized by humans to neutralize other structures, here bacteria. And, recalls Reporterre, this biocide is not without health risks.

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“The risk of wearing these masks is not non-existent”, explains Astrid Avellan, a researcher specializing in nanotechnologies at the University of Aveiro, in Portugal, to “Reporterre”.

“Silver ions are generally more toxic than metallic silver nanoparticle equivalents. In addition, here we have a high level of exposure, with a long contact and inhalation duration. (8 hours daily) and chronic (almost every day of the week). “

In the same vein, a study conducted by the University of Rouen indicates that “Ionic silver is, according to some authors, excreted in the urine in two to five days, while other researchers show a bio-accumulation of metal granules in different organs: the liver, kidneys, intestine, adrenal glands and, in rare cases, the spinal cord ‘

“No medical device, no protective equipment”

The DIM brand itself describes its masks as not being “Neither a medical device within the meaning of regulation (EU) 2 017/745 (surgical masks), nor personal protective equipment within the meaning of regulation (EU) 2 016/425 (filtering masks type FFP2)”.

Shortly before the summer in Belgium, three textile companies had already alerted to similar masks produced by a Luxembourg firm. In a statement, they estimated that these “ silver nanoparticles […] are so small that they can get into parts of the body and cells where they don’t normally belong “.

The disturbing galaxy of anti-masks

Same story from the European Chemicals Agency, which describes silver zeolite as ” Very toxic to aquatic organisms ” and involving ” long-term adverse effects likely to impair fertility ”.


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