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DJI is accused of collecting user data

Monday, October 25, 2021 15:10 PM (GMT+7)

Recently, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr has called for adding DJI drones to the list of bans, which could prevent the company from selling products in the US.

Sharing on the FCC’s official website, Carr accused the Shenzhen-based drone company (China) of collecting “large amounts” of sensitive data.

“DJI drones and the surveillance technology on these systems are collecting vast amounts of sensitive data, everything from high-resolution images of critical infrastructure to mold recognition technology. face, and remote sensors can measure body temperature and heart rate,” Commissioner Carr said in a report.

“Security researchers have also discovered that DJI’s app collects large amounts of users’ personal information, and that the Chinese government can exploit the data collected through the National Intelligence Law. Gia, force businesses to provide the necessary data,” he continued.

DJI accused of collecting user data - 2

DJI Air 2S, a fairly popular drone model today. Photo: Ryan Mense/PetaPixel

DJI was placed on the Department of Commerce’s Entity List last year, simply put, an “economic blacklist”. This has made it impossible for American companies to export the parts needed for DJI.

Blacklisted companies would theoretically have a harder time selling products in the US, but DJI doesn’t appear to have this problem.

In 2017, a report from the Department of Homeland Security showed that DJI was capable of sending infrastructure data to China. As recently as 2021, the US Department of Defense accused DJI systems of posing a threat to national security.

If DJI is added to the FCC’s ban list, federal agencies will be barred from buying equipment manufactured by the company.


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