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Djokovic case: “How can we arrive at such stubbornness?”

INTERVIEW – Consultant for Eurosport and former Davis Cup captain, Jean-Paul Loth, who will follow the Australian Open on Monday, shares his questions about Novak Djokovic.

LE FIGARO. – What does the endless soap opera Djokovic inspire in you?

Jean-Paul LOTH. – I have a rather strong opinion which requires an explanation on three points. The first, it’s a shame that this guy, a Grand Slam away from being crowned best player of all time, can’t do his job. The second point, when one is on the verge of being consecrated as the best, how can one not accept the laws of a country to reach this grail? I have tried to turn it around in every way, I have no other explanation and this will be my third point: refusing such a consecration with such a track record seems to me insane for someone of normal intellectual constitution, and it seems to be.

Only people who are enchristed in a separate sect or community are capable of being so stubborn. I have the very strong feeling that refusing this consecration can only be attached to a kind of belief that goes beyond his personal belief, that…

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