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Do not ignore heart health in winter, take special care of these things

Heart patients should take special care during the winter season. The risk of heart attack increases in cold weather.

With the onset of winter, many diseases also increase. The most trouble in winter is seen in the elderly and children. With the onset of cold, heart-related problems increase in many people. According to experts, heart patients should take special care in winters. It is seen that during the winter season, the number of elderly people suffering from heart problems increases in hospitals.

Heart problems are caused due to: Due to the low temperature in the cold season, the blood circulation in the body slows down. Due to which heart patients start having trouble breathing. In winter, the blood vessels constrict and the circulation of blood is reduced. Due to which there is a problem in reaching oxygen to the heart. Due to which heart failure can also occur.

Doctors advise that special care should be taken to avoid heart disease in winter. take care like this

Protect from cold: Those who are heart patients or are elderly, they should stay away from cold. It is essential to choose the right clothes to keep yourself warm in cold weather. Along with this, hot things should be consumed.

Avoid Fog: Many people believe that morning walk keeps them healthy. But in winter there is fog, which can prove to be dangerous for the breath. In such a situation, especially the elderly should go for a walk only after the sun rises.

Do not eat fat food: During the winter season, water is drunk less. Due to which digestion is not good. In this case, eat only easily digestible food. Eating fatty food constricts the blood vessels, due to which blood circulation is not properly done and the risk of heart attack increases.

Get blood pressure checked from time to time: People who have problems with blood pressure should get themselves checked regularly. Along with this, those who must sit in the sun for some time every day. Vitamin D from the sun’s rays is very important for heart health.


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