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Does dandruff also cause hair loss? Learn the main reasons for hair fall

Hair fall reasons: People of all ages today complain of hair fall and reduced hair density. The generalization of this problem does not surprise people because in today’s time people’s lifestyle has become extremely bad. To avoid this problem, people use many chemical-rich hair products, which make the hair lifeless and dry. At the same time, experts believe that if you want to try to prevent hair loss, it is very important to know the reasons for hair fall first.

Anxiety, hormonal disturbances, wrong eating and drinking habits, diseases, dandruff, etc. are the main causes of hair loss. In addition, when there is a deficiency of nutrients in the body or a person is suffering from a disease for a long time, he may also have to struggle with hair fall. Let’s know in detail –

Dandruff and Hair Fall: When a dry itchy layer begins to form on the scalp, it is called dandruff. In some cases it causes hair breakage. If there is redness or itching in the scalp due to dandruff, then there may be a problem of hair fall. In addition, if dandruff occurs due to fungal infection, psoriasis or biotin deficiency, it can also cause hair loss. However, if people are only worried about mild dandruff, then let them know that there is no harm from them. But still people should find ways to get rid of it.

vitamin deficiency: Experts agree that hair loss also indicates vitamin deficiency. If you are troubled by hair loss at an early age, there may be a lack of vitamins behind it. Biotin, which is a form of vitamin B, is responsible for hair growth. When its number decreases in the body, hair loss starts. Apart from this, hair loss also starts due to lack of iron in the body.

Thyroid: Even after this Gland is uncontrolled, people start losing their hair. People have this problem in both hypo and hyper thyroid.

Hair Color: In today’s time, many people get their hair dyed to look trendy but it also has side effects. There are many types of harmless chemicals in the hair colors found in the market which cause damage to the hair. Due to its effects, problems like white hair, hair loss, itching in scalp are common.

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