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Does hair fall due to hair conditioner? Know what experts say

Be it men or women, it is everyone’s dream to have naturally shiny and silky hair. But this does not happen with everyone, due to which people prefer to apply hair conditioners available in the market. It makes hair shiny and soft instantly. However, many people believe that applying conditioner on the hair daily leads to hair fall. But is it really so?

Dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth says that hair conditioner does not cause hair fall. Actually, conditioner should be applied only from the lower end of the hair to the middle length i.e. on two-thirds of the hair. And after applying this should be washed well. Hair conditioner should never be applied to the scalp.

Benefits of applying conditioner

Prevents hair dryness Conditioner prevents hair from drying out. Applying deep conditioner to dry and dry hair is beneficial. This makes the hair look soft and beautiful and does not break.

Prevents tangling of hair Due to the conditioner, the hair is soft so that they do not get tangled. Combing wet hair after applying conditioner does less damage. Due to this, there is no lump in the hair and the hair gets easily unraveled.

Conditioner enhances the shine of hair Conditioner contains all three of them protein, oil and water. In such a situation, its daily use keeps the shine in the hair. Also it gives a different and beautiful look to the hair.

Moisturize dry hair The conditioner retains moisture along with eliminating dryness from our hair. Due to the retention of moisture in the hair, we can also get rid of problems like hair breakage, split ends.

Conditioner prevents hair fall Often many people complain that their hair falls a lot when they take a bath or wash their hair. In such a situation, using conditioner can get rid of this kind of problem.

Experts say that if your scalp is very oily and hair is also thin, then you can not apply conditioner. Because it can make your hair look thinner.

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