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Double life: Pascal, retired, is a happy husband and father. If those around him knew that …


The starting point of our “Double Life” series can be summed up in one sentence: we are all icebergs. With a visible, social part, and a more or less voluminous hidden part. If you want to tell us about your own ice mountain (a lover, a secret passion for ping pong, a hidden family), of course you can. Write U.S ([email protected]) by putting the word “Iceberg” in the subject.

To access all the episodes of the series: season 1 (it’s here) and season 2 (there)!

What we see above the water

In his official life, he had consented to give me his first name but I was not allowed to use it. Yet it was his real name that I had written on my phone, even if he had made me promise to call him Pascal when I write about him. Pascal was a young retiree of 58 years old, the happy husband of Cathy – a nickname too, he never wanted to tell me what her name was -, almost thirty years of marriage, two adult sons, a great career in a large company, a pavilion with garden in the suburbs. In short, one of those happy lives that we say, wrongly, “without fuss”.

In the end, I didn’t know much about his official life: for Pascal, I was on the side of the hidden life. Our meeting, a Wednesday in June 2017, was also clandestine. He hadn’t even mentioned it to his wife, she to whom he nevertheless told everything. That day, we met at the Zimmer cafe, near the Place du Chatel

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