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Driver Dak Nong works a supercar style desk

When someone approaches at a distance of 10 meters, the rear lights on the rear of the LaFerrari car cover the entire desk, automatically illuminating.

More than half a year after being famous on social networks thanks to a racing-style Exomotive Exocet created by Kim, he is about to have no odd ball. The job of running a truck is still regular every day, but Kim’s fun car regime remains unchanged. The super car style desk is the latest product of this driver.

Front desk style rear wheel Ferarri LaFerrari.

Kim said that the table with the front of the car design in the world already exists, but Vietnam is rare. “I did not choose the first part because the front appearance of this supercar is very low, when it is mounted on the table it will not work,” Kim said. “I like the rear of the Ferrari LaFerrari because its curves are very attractive, moreover, when fitted on the table, it is better”.

In his spare time without being a driver, Kim searches for images on the internet to do. Not familiar with computers, all the design details and size parameters of each part were drawn on paper by the young Tay Nguyen guy.

The back design of the masterpiece by Kim.

The back design of the masterpiece by Kim.

Plastic composite materials are selected as the previous versions Kim used. By himself, he sharpens, mounds, cuts, welds and paints his work. “The hardest part is making panels with a soft curvature like a Ferrari supercar and connecting them together,” he said. “When I have free time, I will make ideas and prepare everything for almost half a year, but when I start doing it, it is only about 20 days.”

The circular taillights featured on Ferrari cars are also homemade by Kim. He uses a sensor to detect human movement at a distance of 10 meters, then the cowardly will glow as a way to “greet” the owner or the stranger.

Design the desk from the side.

Design the desk from the side.

The tail of the Ferrari LaFerrari when completed will be attached to a wooden table. A glass top plate is used to place the laptop, add USB charging ports. Kim did not disclose the cost for this version.

“The desk does not have much imprint on manufacturing techniques, but I consider this as the first step to manufacture a Ferrari LaFerrari supercar in the future”, Tran Van Kim said.

Pham Trung
Image: Tran Van Kim


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