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Driver’s parking is so bad it’s hard to understand

BrotherTo match the car vertically into the parking lot, which has already been marked and is very open, the driver still struggled up to 9 “red” and about 8 minutes.

Andrei Dalca, a nurse from Ashford town, Kent county, southeastern England, was relaxing on the balcony of his home with his lover and neighbor when he discovered the scene below. Andrei watched as the driver, who he guessed was in his 30s or 40s, decided to take a video.

Although there is a barn that is clearly marked and is quite airy, even with many parking lots, two places close together without entanglement, the driver still cannot park the car straight. After nearly a dozen times “red” (forward-backward), he was able to put the car in the parking spot. Andrei Dalca and his girlfriend and neighbors commented and laughed, confused why the driver could not pass, even shouting “should take the driving test again”. The owner of the video said it took about 8 minutes for the car to settle in the barn.

In the UK, a vertical pass is an optional part of the UK driving license system. The two compulsory tests related to parking are straight forward parking and horizontal parking (parallel pairing) with a distance of two bodies.

In Vietnam, passing backwards is a mandatory test, the examiner has only 2 minutes for this test, if it is overtime, the score will be lost.

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