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Drivers with 20 years of experience in evaluating German, Japanese and Korean cars

I belong to the 7X generation, am a professional driver for more than 20 years, driving through many vehicles of Japanese, Korean and German brands.

Reading many articles praising – criticizing Japanese cars and Korean cars, I also want to contribute my personal opinion. My comments are objective, unbiased and disparaging any car company.

First the German car. Mercedes and BMW are the two most popular brands in Vietnam. In terms of quality, however, after using these cars for 5-7 years, the repair and maintenance costs are extremely expensive.

Japanese cars have good quality, little technology, so maintenance costs are low. Using before and after 5-7 years is very reasonable. With Korean cars of lower quality than Japanese cars and German cars, but with many technologies and diverse models, the cost of warranty maintenance after 5-7 years of use is reasonable, but many spare parts must be replaced because Their durability is even worse than Japanese cars and German cars.

In short, I personally love driving German cars because of the quality, but it is not popular because German cars are only for the rich and super rich in Vietnam. As for Japanese cars, they are convenient in everything, stable quality, low operating costs, suitable for transportation business and most Vietnamese consumers like to wear sturdy clothes.

And Korean car is a young car company that can only solve the design stage following the trend of the times, the rest is poor quality. In addition to German cars, I personally support Japanese cars.

Readers Tran Van Hung


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