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Driving a supercar more than 400 km/h on the Autobahn, the millionaire was criticized

virtueThe Transport Minister criticized the Czech millionaire’s performance of driving a Bugatti Chiron to a speed of 417 km/h on the Autobahn.

Video posted on the account YouTube by millionaire Radim Passer on January 10 and currently attracts more than 4.2 million views. Passer controls the Bugatti Chiron supercar sometimes up to 417 km / h on the Autobahn between Berlin and Hannover.

Under the video, Passer writes that the driving scene was recorded in 2021 on a 10 km straight road with three lanes, and “the whole road is very clear and easy to see”.

The 58-year-old also wrote: “Safety comes first, so situations have to be safe.” But the supercar in turn passed a series of other cars in the same direction, while the lighting conditions in the video showed that the sky was turning into twilight.

While much of Germany’s Autobahn is known for its lack of speed limits, the country’s transport ministry said in a statement on January 19 that it “does not accept any traffic behavior that leads to or may result in danger to pedestrians.

“All road users must respect the provisions of the traffic laws”, the notice added, adding, with the first provision, that “anyone on the road must act in a way that no one else can.” other people are threatened, dangerous, or hindered or harassed”.

The ministry also stressed that the law requires drivers “to drive only so fast that the vehicle is always under control”.

Czech millionaire, Radim Passer with the Bugatti Chiron supercar.  Photo: Forbes

Czech millionaire, Radim Passer with the Bugatti Chiron supercar. Photo: Forbes

Passer – okay Forbes He is the 33rd richest person in the Czech Republic with an estimated fortune of 308 million USD – also stated under the video that he put more faith in his driving skills while driving the Bugatti on the Autobahn that day.

During the 2021 election campaign, the Greens called for a speed limit of 130 km/h across Germany’s highway system – an effort to cut CO2 emissions. But this idea was dismissed in the discussions to form a new government.

The speed achieved by the Passer – 417 km/h – is actually close to the Bugatti Chiron’s electronically limited 420 km/h speed, which is only about 3 km/h lower. Super car uses 8.0 turbo W16 engine with a capacity of 1,500 horsepower and torque of 1,600 Nm, weighing 1,995 kg.

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