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Driving errors that understand the law but are still intentionally wrong

Turning in the middle of the road, honking or parking your vehicle even if you see a no-sign are common mistakes.

Many Vietnamese drivers have a habit of forcing others to give way to them unreasonably and will fight when the request is not met. You can encounter many quite pressing situations, I would like to list some common mistakes that many drivers violate:

Firstly, using a whistle and warning lights is innocent. They flash their traffic lights even when their vehicle is on a road that is not allowed to go or is allowed to pass. But this act of flashing is not asking, it is exactly “robbery”.

Second, parking the car without bluff, even at an intersection … It should be said that it is unreasonable that in the middle of the intersection center, it is still allowed to open a business shop even though it encroached on the sidewalk.

Third, turning the car in the middle of the road … I really don’t understand that there are drivers who keep turning “red after red” in place even near or even next to a turn. Whether they want to save gas or time. But such a turn is not good for the car and is actually very time consuming. A lot of times the whole convoy has to wait just because one car turns around in the middle of the road …

I present the above situations that readers can add to many wrong driving behavior because there are many situations where I do not know whether I do not understand the law or is arbitrary.

Readers Nguyen Trong Bang


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