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Due to these habits, pimples and acne can be present on the face, get rid of these remedies

Women adopt a variety of methods to care for their skin. From expensive beauty products, some women spend many hours in the parlor. However, women make some mistakes in everyday life, which cause pimples and acne to come out on the skin. In addition to today’s poor lifestyle and diet, due to changes in hormones and heredity, pimples also appear on the face.

Let us know, when extra oil, dead skin cells clog on the skin, which bacteria start to grow in them. Which starts the problem of pimps. Apart from this, we also have some bad habits, due to which skin problems start to occur. In such a situation, if you leave these wrong habits, then you can get rid of all skin problems.

-Using more Scrub: Excessive scrubbing on the face can also be the cause of pimples. Because, over-scrubbing can damage the skin. Apart from this, if you use loofah and washcloth etc. for cleansing the skin, it can also prove to be harmful for you. Let me tell you, if you have a problem of pimples, then lukewarm water should be used for cleanliness.

– Touching the face repeatedly: Repeated touching of the skin can also cause pimples. Because, there are many types of bacteria present in your hands, due to which you may have pimples.

– More face cleaning: Excessive cleansing of the face dissipates its moisture, which increases the dryness. In this case, you should use mild soap to do facial cleansing.

Eating junk foods: Excessive fried and spicy foods can also be the cause of pimples. Because fried, roasted, spicy and deep fried food causes damage to the skin. In such a situation, skin experts also advise you not to eat unhealthy things. To get rid of skin problems, you should avoid eating pizza, burgers, etc. And always you should eat healthy food and fruits only.

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