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East-central China hit hard by historic flooding

Subway submerged in the capital of Zhengzhou province, flooded streets carrying in their streams passers-by and vehicles … Henan has been the scene of historic floods in recent days, the consequence of torrential rains, the heaviest ever recorded since the meteorological phenomena. was compiled 60 years ago. The point in pictures:

Floods “Extremely serious” by President Xi Jinping’s own admission: China is facing torrential rains that have left at least 16 dead, most of them in the metro in Zhengzhou, a large city in the center of the country.

With images of passengers clinging to the handles as the water rises in their oars, scenes of chaos Tuesday in Zhengzhou, a city of 10 million people 700 kilometers south of Beijing, sowed concern in the city. country.

The army was called in to reinforce Zhengzhou [prononcer : « djangue-djo »], capital of the densely populated province of Henan, which received in three days almost the equivalent of a year of rain.

200,000 people evacuated

As of Wednesday morning, no less than 200,000 inhabitants had to be evacuated, announced the town hall, specifying that 36,000 people were “Affected” by flooding.

The city “Experienced a series of extremely violent thunderstorms, causing water to accumulate in the Zhengzhou metro”local authorities said on the Weibo social network, adding that 12 people were killed and five others were injured.

“Two thirds of French people are already strongly exposed to climate risk”

The metropolis has been placed on red alert. This is the highest alert level for weather in China.

National CCTV television showed streets submerged in a huge current of muddy water, as residents with knee-deep water pushed their vehicles through flooded arteries.

On Wednesday, the bad weather caused landslides in the neighboring town of Gongyi.

Houses and walls have collapsed there, according to the official New China news agency. According to this source, at least four people died.

Submerged subway

On Tuesday, the situation appeared most dramatic in the metro. Videos on social media, the authenticity of which has not been verified, showed passengers of a wagon hanging from the handles, as water rushes to their shoulders, and others standing on the seats.

“Global warming is going far too quickly, not all species will be able to adapt”

Images broadcast by public television CCTV showed water invading the deserted platform of a station.

A passenger told on Weibo that rescuers had opened the roof of his train to allow the evacuation, one by one, of the passengers. Other footage showed a passenger seated on the roof of his wagon half-submerged in a tunnel.

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