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Eating more almonds can cause many serious problems, know the right way of consumption

It has been confirmed in many researches that people who are overweight often fall ill.

Often eating dry fruits is advised to those people who forget every little thing. It has also been revealed in many researches that eating dry fruits, especially almonds, is very beneficial for health. Almonds are rich in many nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and good fat, almonds are necessary to meet the physiological needs. That’s why doctors also ask people to eat almonds in the winter season.

However, there are some side effects of consuming almonds in excess. There is a risk of weight gain due to excessive consumption of almonds, while it also affects the eyesight. The effect of almonds is hot, in such a situation, the question comes in the mind of most people whether eating almonds in large quantities will prove to be equally healthy, let’s know –

How many almonds to eat: Eating soaked almonds makes it easier to digest the fiber present in it. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), consuming almonds in large quantities can be harmful to your health. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat only one third cup i.e. 10 to 15 (40 grams) almonds every day. Also, soaked almonds are more effective than raw or roasted almonds.

How to consume: According to health experts, soaking almonds increases the level of protein found in it. Almonds should be soaked overnight and eaten, this eliminates the hot elements present in it to a great extent. Also, the nutrients in soaked almonds are also higher than in dried almonds.

Gaining Obesity: Due to the excess of fat and calories present in almonds in the body, you can become a victim of obesity. If you stay away from physical activities, then calories do not burn easily, due to which fat starts accumulating in your body. In such a situation, eating more almonds will not only be harmful, but it will also increase your weight.

Serious problems can be: Consuming almonds in excess can cause constipation, flatulence and loose motion. Apart from this, a protein found in almonds can cause problems like itching in the mouth, throat and throat, as well as swelling of the tongue, mouth and lips. At the same time, eating more almonds also increases the amount of manganese in the body, which also reduces the effect of medicines of blood pressure and antibiotics.


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