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Edouard Louis case: the man tried for sexual assault released, but sentenced for theft

A 35-year-old man, tried for sexual assault on the novelist Edouard Louis, was released on Tuesday in Paris for these facts, but sentenced to three months in prison for aggravated thefts.

The correctional court acquitted the defendant for the facts of sexual assault in particular because of “Inconsistency of declarations” by Edouard Louis, who has more “Refused a confrontation” with the accused.

At the hearing on October 23, the prosecution requested a four-year prison sentence including two years suspended, with obligation of care.

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“History of violence”

The facts dated back to the night of December 25, 2012. Edouard Louis, then aged 20, had filed a complaint for rape and attempted murder after having met in the street a man named Reda, who had accompanied him to his home.

The one who was not yet the famous author of“Ending Eddy Bellegueule”, recounts at the time having had consensual sex, before realizing that his tablet and his phone had disappeared.

Confronted, Reda then became threatening, strangled him with a scarf and then raped, said Edouard Louis, who had taken the book from this episode. “History of violence”, published in January 2016.

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Call requested

At the end of the investigation, as in many cases of rape accusations, the facts had been reclassified as “Sexual assault”, bringing the case before a tribunal and not at the assizes.

The defendant, a man born in Algeria, without papers, “Was acquitted of the most serious facts of which he was unjustly accused: judicial time has finally come to be imposed” and his innocence “Is finally acted”, said his lawyer, Me Marie Dosé, in a statement, recalling that he had spent eleven months in pre-trial detention.

Edouard Louis’ counsel, Me Emmanuel Pierrat, told AFP his intention to appeal this decision.

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