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Electric brush vibrates 33,000 times / minute, battery 3 weeks, with smart alert

Saturday 12/12/2020 15:15 PM (GMT + 7)

Technology continues to be applied to the toothbrush to help users know when to change the brushing position, should replace the brush head, …

Zenyum, a startup from Singapore has just launched the ZenyumSonic electric brush. Continuing the success of the transparent braces tray that has received the trust of users in 7 Asian markets, ZenyumSonic is one of Zenyum’s latest innovations through collaboration with local dentists. field.

ZenyumSonic electric brush is one of many Zenyum oral care products.

Incorporating Singapore’s sonic technology, the ZenyumSonic electric brush is advertised to offer outstanding features with 3 specialized brushing modes, an optimized 2-minute brushing timer and battery life. more than 3 weeks. In particular, the user can place the replacement brush tip every 3 months according to the dentist’s recommendation.

According to The Oral Health Foundation, electric toothbrush users are 22% less likely to develop gum disease, and 18% less likely to develop tooth decay than those who use the brush often. However, according to a survey by Zenyum, 84% of users still use a regular brush, although the benefits of using electric brushes for health and oral hygiene are proven by leading dentists. intelligence.

Electric brush vibrates 33,000 times / minute, battery 3 weeks, with smart alert - 3

The brush head is replaceable.

The outstanding features of ZenyumSonic:

– The brush head is compactly designed, soft and smooth DuPont fiber brush bristles with micro-pressure Bubble technology with millions of micro-bubbles to help clean deep between teeth.

– Vibration frequency 33,000 times / minute, 10 times faster than conventional electric brush.

– 3 special brushing modes for deep clean mouth and fresh breath, including: Deep clean brushing, gentle brushing and teeth whitening

– Timer brushing for 2 minutes, reminding roaming every 30 seconds.

– Up to 3 weeks battery life with wireless charging.

ZenyumSonic electric brush has a suggested price of 1.25 million VND, a package of 3 replacement brush heads costs 250,000 VND. In particular, during the launch period, users will have the opportunity to own ZenyumSonic electric brushes with preferential prices of only VND 800,000.

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