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Electric cars caught fire while parked in front of the house

AmericaThe Chevrolet Bolt EV burned down the driveway for unknown reasons, last week.

It seems that the fire started from under the rear seats or from the trunk. The electric car then burned with a bare frame, luckily no one was injured. The Bolt EV is parked outdoors so it does not affect the garage or home.

However, the incident is only one of at least three similar fires involving the Chevrolet Bolt EV. In all three cases, there was no traffic collision.

This week, the National Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) confirmed that the Office of Defect Investigation (ODI) is investigating the Chevrolet Bolt EV model on the three above cases. One of them is a 2018 and a 2019 model and both burn from under the rear seats when parked.

After receiving two reports, NHTSA found out that a third electric vehicle, a 2017 Bolt EV, also burned in the same condition.

In three cases, fire seemed to gather in the battery compartment and then spread into the cabin from below the rear seats. The cause is currently unknown.

NHTSA confirmed that it had made a preliminary assessment for the purpose of “determining the scope, extent, circumstances, and consequences of the safety of the fires”. The investigation involved every Bolt EV model produced during 2017-2020 with approximately 77,000 vehicles.

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