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Elon Musk mobilizes all employees to go to work

AmericaIn an internal letter, Tesla’s CEO asked employees to “all go to work” to hit the new record.

Musk’s request is intended to help Tesla keep up with its quarterly deliveries and boost production in an effort to hit new record numbers. Tesla is known for pushing through the end of the quarter because it has a direct sales model, not through third-party dealers, so everything has to be handled on its own, without anyone else’s help.

Tesla cars at its own Supercharger charging station. Image: Tesla

This quarter is expected to be especially difficult for Tesla, as Model S orders are delayed due to delays in the new version. In addition, the more than 10,000 vehicle delays since last month pose other challenges.

One example of the urgent situation the American electric car company is facing is the email the CEO sent to employees asking “all to go to work” until the end of the quarter.

“Overall, we’re doing well, but the next 12 days are critical to production and deliveries this quarter. Please all get to work!” Musk wrote.

The CEO was wary of not sharing current goals for vehicle production and delivery, which Tesla has kept in a closed circle for the past two years to avoid exposure. It is expected that the company will release the corresponding numbers for the second quarter of this year in the first week of July. In the first quarter, Tesla delivered 185,000 vehicles worldwide.

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