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Emmanuel Macron pleads for “appeasement” with the Algerian government

Emmanuel Macron plays the card of relaxation. The French president said he has connections “Really cordial” with his Algerian counterpart Abdelmadjid Tebboune as the two countries are going through a diplomatic crisis and Algiers has recalled its ambassador.

Algeria: why Emmanuel Macron toughened the tone

He wishes a “Appeasement” on the subject of memory: “My wish is for there to be appeasement because I think it’s better to talk to each other, to move forward”, he declared in an interview with France Inter this Tuesday, October 5, calling for “Recognize all these memories” and their “Allow to cohabit”.

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Memory work

“I have the greatest respect for the Algerian people and I have really cordial relations with President Tebboune”, he declared, linking the current tensions to the memory work done in France on the Algerian War. Emmanuel Macron sparked the wrath of Algiers after reported remarks accusing the system “Politico-military” Algerian to maintain a “Memorial rent” on this war.

Emmanuel Macron, the first French president born after the Algerian war ended in 1962, undertook an unprecedented work of memory on this war, a painful memory for millions of French people, many of them of Algerian origin.

Benjamin Stora: Macron’s gesture towards the harkis “is part of the continuity of his memorial action”

He commissioned a report from historian Benjamin Stora and believes he is doing “In-depth work with French and Franco-Algerian youth. And so, we say things to each other that are not pleasant for ourselves. I did not spare us with our own history. A few years ago, it had produced some disturbances and some reactions. I have been as frank as possible with our story on the question of the harkis, but I will continue this work ”, he said.

“A Franco-French problem”

“When the question was asked about the reception of Benjamin Stora’s report in Algeria, I was obliged to tell President Tebboune the truth, we talked about it and it is someone in whom I have confidence. He had friendly and proportionate words. “ But in Algeria, “Many people insulted, sometimes threatened Benjamin Stora following this report. We are not going to act as if it were nothing ”, he said.

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However, he believes that this memorial work, “It is first and foremost a Franco-French problem. We must continue to do this work with a lot of humility, with a lot of respect ”.

Why Emmanuel Macron’s words arouse Algeria’s anger

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In addition to recalling its ambassador, the Algerian regime, in which the army plays a key role, has banned French military planes from flying over the country, which notably participate in the anti-jihadist military operation Barkhane in the Sahel.

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