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Empty-body electric motorcycle for $5,000

AmericaSondors Metacyle has a hollow design in the position of a regular fuel tank, a preferential price of $ 5,000.

Sondors – a car company based in California, USA – closed the order list but reopened on November 24 and still have the original preferential price. Previously, the selling price of Metacycle was expected to increase to $ 6,000. The accompanying information also says that the delivery time may be in 2022, instead of the fourth quarter of this year.

The electric motorcycle model impresses with its distinctive hollow design. Photo: Sondors

After the release date on January 14 in Los Angeles, Metacycle attracted attention by the difference. Sondors’ first product has a design that is almost unlike any electric motorcycle, especially in the empty middle body.

Sondors says the electric motor is located on the axle for a nominal capacity of 8 kWh and a peak capacity of 14.5 kWh. Nominal torque 108 Nm and maximum torque of 271 Nm. Top speed 128 km/h. The journey per full charge is about 128 km.

The car battery is removable and the full charge time is about 4 hours. The weight of the car is only about 90 kg thanks to almost the entire structure (including the rear grip) made of aluminum. Metacycle is equipped with WP reverse forks, ByBre disc brakes.

In the original position where the fuel tank cap is located is a small drawer with a display screen. It seems to be where the phone is and has wireless charging.

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