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e:N Series – the future of Honda’s electric cars

The Japanese automaker’s three new concept lines are previews of electric vehicles that will be produced in China from 2024, exported globally.

Honda plans to introduce 10 electric vehicle models in the Chinese market, all using the new e:N Series brand, in the next five years. The Japanese automaker said that Honda will export some of these electric models to other markets.

Honda introduced its electrification strategy in China on October 13. Photo: Carscoops

The “e” refers to Honda’s e: Technology brand. The “N” stands for present and future, representing the creation of new value for the next generation of mobile.

Initially, Honda introduced the new e:N electric SUV with two versions e: NP1 and e: NS1. Both positioning are brothers of the HR-V, manufactured by Honda’s joint ventures in China, such as Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda. Expected to sell from the beginning of 2022.

Honda says that the e:N Series models will use an architecture developed specifically for electric vehicles – a stretched version of the Honda E platform with a sporty and exhilarating driving experience.

The e:NP1 and e:NS1 pair is the development of the e: Prototype SUV that Honda displayed at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. The production version has 5 doors instead of 3 doors like the prototype.

In addition, Honda introduced three concept models e:N Coupé, e:N SUV and e:N GT. These three concepts will form the basis of production vehicles for the next five years. Initially, Honda’s new electric models were only for the Chinese market, and the Japanese automaker is planning to export it globally.

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