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England announces to reconfine itself

The British government decided on Saturday to reconfigure England from Thursday and until December 2, with schools remaining open, in order to contain the second wave of the new coronavirus which threatens to overwhelm hospitals.

“The virus is spreading even faster than the worst-case scenario established by our science advisers. (…) It is time to act as there is no choice ”British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference on Saturday. This measure does not concern Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, confinement falling to the authorities of each British province.

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Schools and universities will remain open, but travel is severely restricted, residents called upon to telecommute, and only pubs and restaurants offering take-out food or deliveries can remain open.

The pandemic has left at least 46,555 dead in the United Kingdom, the most bereaved country in Europe, which records more than 50,000 new cases a day and exceeded one million cases on Saturday.

These announcements only concern England. Wales was already contained, and Northern Ireland in partial containment.

Austria is also re-fining

In Austria, “A second containment is put in place from Tuesday until the end of November”, said Conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Restaurants, hotels and cultural and sports institutions will be closed, all events canceled, including weddings and Christmas markets, going out between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and private meetings will be limited to a maximum of two foyers. However, schools and nurseries will remain open.

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The country of 8.8 million inhabitants now records more than 5,000 daily cases, against only 1,000 at the beginning of October, for 1,109 deaths since the emergence of the pandemic.

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