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England takes revenge on South Africa

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SMITH TRANSFORMS! (27-26, 80th)

Perfectly positioned in the axis, Marcus Smith succeeds in his transformation and gives the advantage back to the English.

Penalty for England! (79th)

Steyns is responsible for a dangerous foul on Smith on the ground. Penalty ahead for England.

Kolisi sanctioned (76th)

After viewing the video, Mr. Brace punishes Kolisi with a yellow card for unlawful interference in the air.


Entered during the game, François Steyn succeeded perfectly in his first attempt by sending the ball between the English posts. The Springbocks lead 24-26.


Badly positioned on the left side, Elton Jantjies misses his attempt. South Africa remains behind.

SPRINGBOCKS TEST! (24-23, 69th)

Magnificent game reversal from South Africa. Am, is found and manages to shift Mapimpi straight to the left side, which flaunts his speed, to register the Springbocks’ second try.

Yellow card for Stuart (68th)

The English pillar is sanctioned with a yellow card by Mr. Brace.

SMITH TRANSFORMS (24-18, 65th)

Marcus Smith, eccentric to the left, transforms without problems and allows the English to take six points ahead of South Africa.

ENGLISH REACTION! (22-18, 65th)

Immediate reaction for England. At the end of a well-conducted attack, Raphael Quirke is found in full swing, and can calmly flatten the ball.


Elton Jantjies, freshly entered, succeeds his attempt and allows the South Africans to pass in front of the scoreboard.

Huge load of Ewels (63rd)

Ewels is guilty of a foul on Etzebeth’s face. After watching the video, referee M.Brace decides not to release the yellow card. Penalty ahead for South Africa.

Decisive penalty for England (60th)

The South Africans push and pass very close to flatten the ball but the English manage to get their hands on the ball. The referee grants a penalty to the XV de la Rose, which allows them to leave their camp.

England suffers (58th)

South Africa imposes an impressive physical challenge on the English. The Springbocks are in the XV de la Rose camp and put pressure on the English rear guard.

POLLARD SET SIGHTS (17-15, 55th)

Well positioned in the axis of the field, at 30 meters, Handré Pollard finds the way to success by sending the ball between the two poles. 17-15 for the English.

Underhill at fault (54th)

The English number 7 is guilty of a foul. Penalty to come for the Springbocks.

In front of Pollard (50th)

Handré Pollard is in the hard. The number 10 of the Springbocks commits a forward. The English recover the ball.

Pollard can no longer do it (48th)

After a mastered first act, Handré Pollard lacks accuracy in the second half. New penalty wasted by the number 10 of the Springbocks.

Pollard misses his penalty (45th)

First failed attempt for André Pollard from 42 meters. South Africa remains five lengths behind the English.

Offside of the English (42nd)

The XV de la Rose is directly penalized for an offside.


The English start this second period.

HALF TIME! (17-12)

In a lively first period, England are ahead of the scoreboard against South Africa (17-12). Author of an excellent start, the XV de la Rose quickly scored the first try of the meeting through Tuilagi, who was injured in the action. Marcus Smith took the opportunity to transform his first attempt (7-0). Despite Pollard’s reduction in score, Freddie Steward widened the gap by scoring the second try of the game in the 17th minute (12-3). The remainder of the first half was a game between Smith and Pollard, very skilful on their attempts. At the break, the world champions are led 17-12.

Smith’s missed drop (40th)

The English number 10 positioned in the axis, tries a drop but his attempt lacks too much power to pass between the poles.

The festival of Malins (40th)

Malins narrowly misses the 50-22. The launch will be in favor of South Africans.

Penaltouche for South Africa (36th)

The Springbocks defend well, and get a penalty after a rough tackle on Rodd. Pollard is looking for a dangerous penaltouche in the South African camp.

Welcome back from De Allende (33rd)

Steward dashes forward on the right frank towards the Springbocks line, but he is tackled perfectly by de Allende in touch.


Pollard sets sights once again. On the left side, he succeeded perfectly in his attempt. The Springbocks are now only five lengths from the English.


The match in the match continues between Pollard and Smith. The number 10 of the Springbocks sends the ball just off the right post of the English.

New penalty for South Africa (26th)

The English are penalized on the ground. South Africa is not attempting a penalty. Handré Pollard will try to reduce the score.


The penalties are in this part. Marcus Smith succeeded in his third attempt of the meeting.

POLLARD ASSURE (14-6, 22nd)

Slightly off-center on the left side, Handré Pollard sends the ball between the poles. 14-6 for England.

SMITH TRANSFORMS! (14-3, 19th)

Marcus Smith succeeds in his second transformation and brings the score to 14-3 for the XV de la Rose.


Pollard well positioned, succeeds perfectly and reduces the mark. 7-3 for England.

May at fault (13th)

On a against the Springbocks, Jonny May tries to grab the ball but he commits a forward. Penalty ahead for South Africa.

Penalty for England (12th)

The South African scrum is penalized. Smith finds a penaltouche in the Springbocks camp.

Tuilagi gives way (9th)

The English center is replaced by Max Malins.


Totally off-center to the left, Smith does not tremble and succeeds perfectly. 7-0 for England.

THE TUILAGI TEST! (5-0, 7th)

England are rewarded for their start to the match. Marcus Smith transmits perfectly to his teammates behind, who find Tuilagi who manages to flatten the ball on the left flank. But the center was injured after scoring the first try of the meeting.

Smith’s beautiful opening (3rd)

England is putting the pressure on. After several passes, Marcus Smith found the opening in the South African camp. The XV de la Rose is close to registering the first try of the meeting but the Springbocks manage to recover the ball narrowly.

Observation round (2nd)

The two teams exchange kicks in the opposing camp, without setting up placed attacks.


The players enter the field


Eddie Jones made some changes for this meeting. Manu Tuilagi is back in the center in the starting XV. Joe Marchant starts the game on the wing. In the absence of Owen Farrell, Courtney Lawes will be the captain of the XV de la Rose.

Revenge of the 2019 World Cup final

England find their executioner in the 2019 World Cup final (12-32). At the end of a well-conducted tournament, the XV de la Rose had collapsed against the Springboks. During the last ten confrontations between the two selections, the South Africans are ahead, with six wins and three losses.

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Welcome to this live commentary for the test match between England and South Africa.


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