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Entertainment from photos too: Kumar Vishwas changed twitter profile pic then fans started taking fun

Kumar has more than 84 lakh followers on Twitter. On December 11, when Kumar posted a new profile on his Twitter account, many YouTubers started enjoying it under the pretext, while some in different ways threw light on different aspects of the personality of Kumar’s faith.

Kumar Vishwas wrote with his photo – The family members say that my face has become darker in the sun of @kvKutir! I say that the colors of those who go astray in the sun and rain are not dark, but only because of the sunshine of experience! Now whatever is there… keep asking “Gore Nanda, Jasoda Ghori #NewProfilePic.

Let us know that Faith has created a unique house nowadays, which has created a separate twitter account (@kvKutir). He often keeps telling the features of this house and also shares the pictures here.

Users made different comments on the comments of the trust on the profile pic. When Kisii praised her beauty, Kisii described it as a brilliant poem, Kisie asked to speak on the Kisan movement and Kisii also taunted her by asking to change color. Some comments showing different colors:

Anil Tripathi # Deep @ deep4538anil: In this color changing world, the color that a person wants to paint, of course it should be colored, but even after forgetting to paint in the color of self-enchanted dwarf Kejriwal. Kaviraj #KVG The specialty of the new image is that this image is full of self-confidence.

Mani Shrivastva @mebaabul: Gurudev Both of your poetry collection is undoubtedly unmatched but still in my heart’s cupboard #KoiDeewanaKahtaHai.

SK BRINDABAN @KBrindaban: The sunlight that has shone your body will never reach your mind, there is a circle of perfect cover of poetry and simplicity.

Renu Sharma @ Renu725: Brother, Kanha is dark, only then people are so crazy about him
Sanwari Surat Pe Mohan
Heart is crazy….
Radha Rukmini stands with one of you
The third Meera’s arrival became heartbreaking…

Sarita @Saritadhussa: Dark complexion rules the hearts
Kanha, people have started burning with your dark color,
No one has been able to find people like you,
That is why people start criticizing you for the dark color.

One user asked- Respected, the redness of the hair is also natural like kv kutir or amazing of artificial chemicals.
The rest of your brightness fades to color before

Dhananjay Mishra @ Dhananj05837542:
Will you become Rajni’s moon, or the light of day?
One thing I have to ask is, will you become flowers or stones?
Will you decorate with fake, oil-filled, cream-combed?
Or will the real beauty shine on blood?
– ‘Sun’

arvind pathak @ arvindp72108598:
The color is the same for Kejriwal ji, he is not white either, but he is not a serious torch. It is only that where you are the voice of truth, they are the voice of compromise.

Dr. Pawan Vijay @pawanmvijay:
This camera filter is awesome Kumar
Look at it

Akshay Vijayvargiya @imakidda:
The world says I am so dark
But actually you have become mad in love.
In the space called this Hindi language,
My mentor, you have become Kalpana Chawla.

Parashuram descendant Amar @ Samar78373368:
Which Aishwarya Rai was like this
In the Aam Aadmi Party, everyone belongs to Kajal

Nationalist Nation first @ Shailes02662896: At first it felt like a madam is standing. The same happened after reading. Later I saw that I believe this poet is Vishwas.

Kailash Mani Tripathi @TripathiKailash: You too have lived in the same misconception and have grown old, except Bhauji, who does not give any lift.

Vijay Raghuvaran @VijayRaghuvaran: Vaise bharat me is samay kisan andolan chal raha hai

Dhananjay Mishra @ Dhananj05837542: They are right, Aaj Tak’s program shows happiness.

piyush mishra @ piyushm41564309: what a blond, what a black poet. Set your mind on God.

kuldeep saxena @ kuldeepraj141: what else if Kejriwal’s company is not black?

Magdoom Ali @magdoom_ali: On the farmers’ dharna, your analysis is awaited.

Awkash srivastava @ sri86ram: Speak about the interest of some farmers.

Indian Ji Bhartiya Ji @RamSukhBhartiya: Had you become a minister and lived in the minister’s residence, you would have been green like me.

Maa Bharti @ nachiketa07: The people of the house do not say that

Aseem Kumar @aseemtweets: Good luck changing the color.

Changes-a debut @ iPbMqjd1mnAhp8A: Is your mind black ??

Akki @pancholi_gopal: The profile picture is fantastic but you also tweet like this childish…

SIDDHARTHA MISHRA @ Siddharth691: Farmers are on the border and you …… ..WOW WOW !!

Sharad Kr Singh @ SharadKrSingh3: Red flower blue flower Kumar Bhaiya Beautiful

On behalf of Dr. Kumar Vishwas Fan Club tweeted, ‘Red flower, blue flower, Kumar Bhaiya Beautiful’. A user named SK Vrindavan wrote, ‘The sunlight that has shone your body will never reach your mind. There is a circle of perfect cover of poetry and simplicity. ‘

One user appealed to Kumar Vishwas to speak in support of the farmers, saying, ‘Get the rights of Kaviraj farmers to them. At the time of Anna’s movement, you were also involved in the battle of rights.

Tweeted from an account called Youth Fashion, ‘Gopis are crazy behind you and what will you do, brother?’

Ekusar tweeted, ‘Which Jan Lokpal would have come even if he was blonde. The mind is not black enough.

A user named Ravana wrote, ‘Brother, both are right. Your home is talking about the exterior beauty and you are talking about the interior. Your comparison is wrong. ‘

Rupa Pandey tweeted, ‘Who will stand in front of your argument. that’s good.’

Rajiv Kumar writes, ‘It is more important than a white black to be a good and foolish person who you are. The rest say anything.

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