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Eric Zemmour’s campaign clip maintained on YouTube, but banned for minors

YouTube decided “Immediately” not to withdraw Eric Zemmour’s campaign entry clip for copyright issues, but on the other hand prohibited its access to minors because of images deemed violent.

The platform, owned by Google, told AFP “Not have the possibility on the basis of European law to immediately remove this video for copyright infringement”.

The sequel after the advertisement

About a dozen media and production companies, including “le Parisien” – a daily which also makes videos – and the cinema distributor Gaumont, have made a report for copyright infringement to YouTube, asking it to be withdrawn. of the clip, according to corroborating sources.

Valérie Trierweiler, Woodkid, “Quotidien”… All denounce the use of their rights in Zemmour’s video

YouTube says it has asked companies that have asked for “Additional details that could reverse this decision”.

The analysis of withdrawal requests is done with regard to Franco-French copyright but also European law, we explain at YouTube.

Images considered “violent”

However, recently, the Court of Justice of the EU considered that copyright protection was not absolute. In a judgment of July 29, 2019, the European justice thus deemed it necessary to carry out “A balance between copyright and the right to freedom of expression”. And this, in particular when the speech or the information in question “Is of particular importance, in particular in the context of political debate or a debate relating to the general interest”.

The sequel after the advertisement

To declare himself a candidate, Zemmour chooses an anti-French music by Beethoven

The platform has, however, added an age limit to Zemmour’s clip: from now on, it is no longer possible to watch the video if you are a minor, as can be seen on the site.

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“YouTube regulations generally prohibit offensive or violent content. In the event that a video contains an element that is not suitable for all users, we make sure to apply an age limit in order to protect them ”, said a spokesperson for the company. Some images in the clip are considered violent, he said.

The far-right polemicist, Eric Zemmour, formalized his presidential candidacy on Tuesday in a video posted on his YouTube channel, which counted almost 2.5 million views on Thursday.

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