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Europa League: Monaco’s magnificent coup in Eindhoven

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PSV launched its last forces into the battle but Ruben Aguilar made a decisive tackle in his area. On the action that follows, Philip Max’s cross is well captured by Nübel. (90 ‘+ 3)


Goal of Sofiane Diop for Monaco! And here it is the Monegasque heist !! Volland serves Caio Henrique on the left side as he enters the box. The Brazilian crosses for Diop who deceives Drommel at close range! What a dream scenario for Monaco! (89 ‘)

On a well-struck free kick, PSV is once again dangerous. In the area Obispo gave a header for Ramalho who tried his luck. The Monegasque defense emerges. (87 ‘)

Change for PSV

Eran Zahavi replaces Carlos Vinicius. (86 ‘)

Oh Monaco close to the hold-up

After a nice dribble in the middle of the field, Sofiane Diop launches Ben Yedder. The international tricolor tries the strike but comes up against the excellent exit of Drommel. (82 ‘)

Well served in the box by Mwene, Vertessen misses his attempt. Another situation for the PSV. (81 ‘)

Yellow card for Vinicius

Carlos Vinicius is warned for simulation after a new contact (77 ‘)

Carlos Vinicius claims a penalty after contacting Maripan. Rightly, the referee does not award a penalty. (76 ‘)

Double change for Monaco

Disasi gives way to Gelson Martins and Sofiane Diop enters in place of Jean Lucas. (75 ‘)

The ball returns tirelessly to the Monegasque camp. Niko Kovac’s men can no longer be dangerous at all. (73 ‘)

Double change for Monaco

Youssouf Fofana gives way to Eliott Matazo. Ben Yedder enters instead of Boadu. (70 ‘)

Mwene is served 25 meters from Monaco’s goals and tries a shot on target but well captured by Nübel. The Monegasques are really dominated in this second period. (67 ‘)

Bruma eliminates Disasi on oriented control but misses the shot completely. (66 ‘)

Change for PSV

Hard blow for the Dutch with the exit on injury of Gakpo. He is replaced by the Portuguese Bruma. (64 ‘)

Served at the entrance to the area, Van Ginkel misses his recovery of the right. Nübel can free himself. (62 ‘)


Equalization of Cody Gakpo! High recovery of the Dutch winger in the feet of Disasi. He then serves Carlos Vinicius in the box. The Brazilian misses his control which turns into a discount for Gakpo who continues with a powerful right foot strike that leaves Nübel no chance. (60 ‘)

Change for PSV

Madueke, slightly injured is replaced by Vertessen. (56 ‘)

Philip Max is picked up by Aguilar on the left side. The corner will not give anything but the Monegasques suffer at the start of the first period. (54 ‘)

Yellow card for Gakpo

The Batavian winger is guilty of a sole on Aurélien Tchouaméni. (52 ‘)

Nübel decisive stop!

Superb save from Nübel on a strong shot from Carlos Vinicius who had managed to trigger from the left at the entrance to the area on the right side. (51 ‘)

Oh the bad revival of Nübel!

On a kick-start, Nübel returns the ball to Gakpo who tries a powerful but too axial strike and ends up in the gloves of Nübel who catches up. (50 ‘)

Oh the wonderful return of Maripan!

Perfectly served in the box, Carlos Vinicius managed a superb control but saw Guillermo Maripan come back perfectly to his feet. (49 ‘)

Launched by Youssouf Fofana, Boadu is overtaken by Obispo. Key to follow for ASM. (46 ‘)

It’s back to Eindhoven

The locals kick off this second half.

It’s half time in the Netherlands

The Monegasques lead 1-0 on the lawn of PSV Eindhoven. Dominated during the first quarter of an hour, the Monegasques were able to get their heads right and very quickly materialized through Boadu, author of his first goal in the ASM jersey. Niko Kovac’s men could even have made the score worse, but Boadu was inefficient.

Oh again a missed opportunity for Boadu!

Once again very well launched in the depth Boadu can not follow up because of a superb return from Obispo, again him! (45 ‘)

Madueke crosses from the right. The ball is pushed back to Götze who attempts a strike off target. (42 ‘)

Oh the missed face to face for Boadu!

Perfectly launched in depth, Boadu presented himself alone against Drommel but Obispo made a fantastic comeback. What a missed opportunity for Boadu who must be faster on this one! (40 ‘)

Madueke tries to take the Monegasque defense in speed at the entrance to the area on the right side. But Badiashile tackles perfectly. The following corner gives nothing. (37 ‘)

After a series of dribbles, Madueke passes to Mwene on the right side. The Austrian’s cross ended up in Nübel’s gloves. (35 ‘)

In the process, Jean Lucas serves Caio Henrique who crosses in the direction of Boadu preceded by the Dutch defense. In the continuity of the action, Jean Lucas triggers a shot not on target. (33 ‘)

Corner for PSV. Gakpo kicks it for the head of Van Ginkel who wins his duel against Disasi but the ball is well captured by Nübel. (32 ‘)

Gakpo’s strike!

Gakpo inherits the ball as he enters the box and unleashes a powerful strike countered by his teammate Carlos Vinicius. (31 ‘)

On a ball caught in the Monegasque camp, Van Ginkel progresses and tries to serve his partner on the left. It was without counting on the perfect intervention of Axel Disasi. (30′)

Volland’s sudden strike!

On the right side Kevin Volland gets on his left foot and tries a powerful shot deflected for a corner by Drommel. (27 ‘)

Mario Götze tries to throw Madueke deep but the 2014 World Champion’s ball is too deep. (25 ‘)

the PSV tries to react but the Monegasque defense is well in place and leaves little space to the opposing attackers. (23 ‘)

1st goal for Boadu with Monaco

The Dutchman, who arrived this summer from AZ Alkmaar, had still not released his counter with the Principality’s club.


And it is signed Myron Boadu !! Perfectly launched by Caio Henrique in the back of the defense, Boadu resists the return of Obispo and deceives Drommel with a small pointy right foot. 1-0 for Monaco! (20 ‘)

Gakpo strike countered by Van Ginkel. It will therefore be a goal exit for Nübel and Monaco. (19 ‘)

Ruben Aguilar fouled Cody Gakpo. The two teams are fighting a big battle in the middle of the field. (18 ‘)

Jean Lucas was stolen the ball in the heart of the game after a good Dutch pressing. (17 ‘)

Monaco let the storm pass at the start of the match and managed to balance the debates with their opponent. (15 ‘)

On a cross from Philip Max, Gakpo tries to pass in the box to Carlos Vinicius but the pass is missed and Monaco recovers. (13 ‘)

Too soft strike by Jean Lucas

Served on the left side near the surface, Jean Lucas gets on his right foot and tries a curled shot but it lacks power and it is safe for Drommel. (12 ‘)

Volland’s deep ball is in Boadu’s back. The Batavian defense can be released. (11 ‘)

Boadu very close to opening the scoring !!

Caio Henrique transmits perfectly to Badiashile in the surface which serves in first intention Boadu. The Dutch striker cannot take back this slightly too elusive ball which passes in front of Drommel’s goals. (9 ‘)

Served on the right side, Ruben Aguilar tries a strong center back but he is countered for a corner by Philip Max. (8 ‘)

Maripan must concede the corner in front of Gakpo. Monaco suffers in these first minutes. (7 ‘)

Ramalho tackles perfectly in front of Myron Boadu and allows PSV to go forward. (5 ‘)

The free kick is well kicked but Guillermo Maripan wins in the air and pushes back the danger. (4 ‘)

Madueke is launched on the right side but is mowed down by Caio Henrique. Free kick to follow for PSV. (3 ‘)

PSV tries to press from the start in this start of the match. The Dutch can count on a packed Phillips Stadion. (2 ‘)

Let’s go to Eindhoven!

The Monegasques kick off the match.

Monaco wants to achieve a big blow

After a victory against Sturm Graz (1-0) and a draw on Real Sociedad (1-1), it is another perilous trip that awaits Niko Kovac’s men in the Netherlands against PSV, runner-up to Ajax in Eredivisie. The Dutch have the same record as ASM, namely a draw against Real Sociedad (2-2) and a victory against Sturm Graz (1-4)

Goodnight all !

Welcome to this live to follow the match between PSV Eindhoven and AS Monaco on behalf of the 3rd day of the Europa League.


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