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Euthanasia: 3,000 amendments tabled in the Assembly, compromising the adoption

Some 3,000 amendments have been tabled on the controversial bill creating a right to euthanasia for people suffering from an incurable disease, which is likely to prevent its adoption Thursday by the National Assembly, a- we learned Saturday from parliamentary sources.

Euthanasia: “Being able to choose one’s death should be an absolute right”, considers Olivier Faure

Of these 3,000 amendments, 2,300 come from LR deputies, opposed to this text establishing a “Right to a free and chosen end of life” by deputy Olivier Falorni (Libertés et Territoires group), provided for in the parliamentary niche attributed to his group.

Exam not possible on one day

This large number of amendments, if they are well defended by their authors Thursday in the hemicycle, will make it mechanically impossible to examine their totality on a single day.

“A quarter of deputies claim by parliamentary obstruction to prevent the Assembly from debating on a major social issue”, had denounced as early as Friday to AFP Olivier Falorni, whose bill had passed a first milestone by being adopted Wednesday evening in committee.

“The shameful obstruction of the LRs will prevent the end of life law from being voted on Thursday”, denounced Saturday in a press release Matthieu Orphelin, former member of the group Freedoms and territories.

According to Olivier Falorni, “This will scandalize millions of French people who hope that this law will finally be voted”.

“Essential questions”

The text of the deputy for Charente-Maritime wants to provide a new response to the painful and sensitive debate on the end of life and euthanasia, five years after the Claeys-Leonetti law, which authorizes deep and continuous sedation.

In committee Olivier Falorni, a former socialist, recognized that his text addressed “Existential questions”. Open a right to “The ultimate freedom” to decide on a medically assisted death would make it possible to respond to a “Hypocrisy” : let people go in “Exile” in Belgium or Switzerland to use it, and close our eyes to “2,000 to 4,000” clandestine euthanasia carried out each year in France “Sometimes without the knowledge of relatives” sick people, according to him.

The subject divides all the parliamentary groups and arouses the embarrassment of the government but several figures of the majority have given their support to the proposal of Mr. Falorni, including the president of the commission of Laws Yaël Braun-Pivet.

Some opponents believe that such a subject cannot be debated in the reduced time of a parliamentary niche when others are radically hostile to the measure for philosophical and religious principles.

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