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Even at the age of 55, we are healthy, know what is the complete diet plan of Baba Ramdev

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev looks fit and active even at the age of 55, very few people are able to maintain such fitness with this age. Ramdev has kept his body fit through yoga and he also has a special diet chart which helps to keep him healthy. He believes in keeping himself healthy in a natural way and teaches the same to people through his yoga.

Ramdev wakes up in Brahma Bella at 3:30 am. They first drink Amla and Aloe Vera juice with hot water. They regularly consume cow’s milk. After bathing, Ramdev drinks half a liter of cow’s milk every day. Baba Ramdev does not eat breakfast in the morning and only dine twice a day.

Eating more food than hunger makes a person sluggish and leads to obesity. Baba Ramdev often says that a person should eat as much as he is hungry and he himself follows it. At 10 o’clock in the morning, they have lunch in which they take two rotis, vegetables and rice.

Often, doctors advise us to eat dinner about 3 hours before bedtime so that sleep is good and digestion remains healthy. Baba Ramdev also takes dinner between seven and eight o’clock. They eat yogurt with just two rotis and green vegetables for dinner.

Talking about Baba Ramdev’s fitness routine, he warmed up for half an hour before going to his yoga camp. They do stretching exercises. He then runs to his yoga camp which is 1 km away from his residence.

Whereas in today’s lifestyle, people have to wait for hours of sleep after going to bed, while Baba Ramdev says that he gets sleep within minutes after going to bed.

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