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Every year Vijay Mallya used to visit ‘Sabarimala’ temple, fasting for 42 days

Liquor businessman Vijay Mallya’s life will be reversed in this way, he would never have even imagined it. Vijay Mallya is a defaulter of 9 thousand crore rupees of loans from Indian banks. Vijay Mallya, who took over his father’s business at a young age, was one of the top businessmen of India at one time. His life story is no less interesting. There was a time when Vijay Mallya used to visit ‘Sabarimala temple’ every year, for this he used to fast for 42 days.

-There was true reverence in God: Everyone knows about the luxury lifestyle of Vijay Mallya. But very few people know that he had a deep tendency towards righteousness. He had true reverence in God. He used to worship daily and visit the ‘Sabarimala’ temple every year. During this time, he followed all the rules. Vijay Mallya wore black clothes every day with a fast of 42 days.

Apart from this, Sree Shri Ravi Shankar of Vijay Mallya Art of Living Foundation is also a follower. He also used to visit Venkateswara Balaji regularly.

-Vijay Mallya has done three marriages: Vijay Mallya has been in the limelight for his relationship. They have done three weddings so far. Vijay Mallya was first married to Air India’s Air Hostess Sameera Tyabji. After this, he got married to his childhood love line.

Actually, when Vijay Mallya comes to know that his childhood love line has been divorced from her husband. So Vijay Mallya immediately proposed to Rekha for marriage. After which Rekha and Vijay Mallya were married. He married Pinky Lalwani for the third time.

Third marriage of Pinky Lalwani, 26 years old, at the age of 63: In the year 2019, Vijay Mallya married himself to Pinky Lalwani, 26 years younger. Pinki Lalwani has been an Air Hostess in Kingfisher Airlines. Since 2011, she was in a relationship with Vijay Mallya. Pinky was often spotted with Vijay Mallya even during IPL matches. Pinky was also seen with Mallya in London when he went to court during the trial.

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